Timeless Tradition

Timeless Tradition

I personally enjoy attending family gatherings and celebrations; birthday, wedding, funeral (not so), baby’s 1st birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party, or an impromptu pulehu (grilling/barbecue in Hawaiian) by the beach just to end a nice work week.  This is the perfect opportunity to see almost everybody in the family and I always look … Continue reading

No Rain, No Rainbow!

No Rain, No Rainbow!

Almost every Saturday before 8:00 am, I make sure I get up early to shop at the farmers market.  This morning was no different from last Saturday’s routine except I noticed its a little gloomy, very still and there’s a nip in the air.  I look forward to smelling, touching and admiring tropical flowers from the … Continue reading

NO DOUBT:  Local’s Top 3 Favorite Food

NO DOUBT: Local’s Top 3 Favorite Food

I have not met local braddahs or sistahs who would disagree on a subject of food.  We love them all.  If you have been living on the islands full-time, 10 years or more, I’m sure you know or have an idea how strong the passionate affair we have with local food.  Eating is almost a … Continue reading

Local Island Lifestyle:  Kanikapila – musical jam session.

Local Island Lifestyle: Kanikapila – musical jam session.

In every gathering whether it’s formal or informal, artistic expressions seem to be one of the important part of any celebration for the kama’aina.  Singing, dancing  hula, playing musical instruments, story telling and chanting are just few familiar ones to mention.  Musical jam session or kanikapila is my favorite.  It could be small with two people or … Continue reading

Oh, Hello There!

Yesterday was hectic and was not paying attention to small details of life.  I was reaching to switching “on” the hot water for the outdoor sink. Guess who’s sitting pretty on the handle? My heart did skips few beats and I felt my knees buckling. After few deep breaths, I managed to run inside the house, … Continue reading