Local Island Lifestyle: Kanikapila – musical jam session.

In every gathering whether it’s formal or informal, artistic expressions seem to be one of the important part of any celebration for the kama’aina.  Singing, dancing  hula, playing musical instruments, story telling and chanting are just few familiar ones to mention.  Musical jam session or kanikapila is my favorite.  It could be small with two people or it could be an orchestra.  You can never tell how and who is going to start it and it’s difficult to predict how it’s going to end.  Rule of thumb, expect the unexpected, go with the flow and enjoy.

Unplanned, unrehearsed and uncandid, one person may start strumming his ukulele and hum a familiar tune.  The person sitting across the room stands up and pick up the tune and starts singing his heart out.  Another person in the room heard what’s going on and decided to pick up his guitar and join the group.  Then next thing you know, there’s Joe bobbing his head to the sound of his drum and Jane grabbed two spoons struggling to pick up the beat but didn’t gave up. Others can’t stand it any longer and got tired of just tapping their feet or clapping their hands to the beat of the music, got up and dance with the rest of the merry makers.  Imagine the sheer energy, melodious sound and collaboration of talents.

That’s pure, unadulterated, cannot be duplicated and one of a kind real good time.

Hana hou!Jamming by the beachAuntie Charmaine with her uke.


Oh, Hello There!

Maui is not all about sandy beaches and gorgeous sunsets.

Yesterday was hectic and was not paying attention to small details of life.  I was reaching to switching “on” the hot water for the outdoor sink. Guess who’s sitting pretty on the handle? My heart did skips few beats and I felt my knees buckling. After few deep breaths, I managed to run inside the house, grab my camera and click, click.  Don’t know exactly what you call this reptile, I have to find out.